Nostalgia is revelling in the details of a past moment in time, brought on instinctively by a sensory reminder. A smell, sound, taste, texture or image that packages a fountain of feelings.

Nostalgic Now is a call to live in that attentiveness, constantly. To foster an insatiable longing for what already is. Right here, right now.

Seeing the wonder in the ordinary. The beauty in the mundane. The fullness of every moment. And wishing for nothing else.

This is my collection of constant nostalgia in every place I find myself.

New and old, near and far, together and alone.

I hope that these posts can encourage you to live with the same sense of wonder, not letting the niceness of now pass you by.


All photos have been taken using a Minolta x-500 analogue camera

Lens: Minolta MD 50mm f/1.7

Film: 35mm

Photography time frame: July 2017 – present